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The double star Sirius is the brightest in the night sky. I keep bumping into it, metaphysically speaking. With its enduring association with the Divine and with humanity’s great teachers, it is a brilliant inspiration.


The Sirius Love Project is all about the healing power of Divine love.

Maureen McNulty

I walk between worlds, but you wouldn’t know it if you passed me in the grocery store.

I have come at great personal cost to my calling as an intuitive healer. I am a mother who lost her son. The ocean of grief has many faces, and I have learned them all. I came to sit without flinching in the pain until, overwhelmed by light, I crawled out the other side.

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The academic degrees and history that came before—they don’t matter.

Now it is simple. I am a yogi, a mystic. My medicine is my presence. I can walk in darkness knowing the light. It is a great blessing to share the light with you.

Word Thoughts

"Look fear in the face and it will cease to trouble you."

Paramhansa Yogananda

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