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I welcome support for my work. But first, let's talk about why you clicked here.

I'm a client.


First ask yourself:


Am I open to receiving without always feeling compelled to give in return? Can I receive without immediately reciprocating—and not feel deeply uncomfortable?


If your answers are no, I gently ask you to reconsider your support at this time. The universe is plopping this gift in your lap to teach you the very important art of receiving. The art of feeling your own worth. Consider just sitting with the gift you have received and accepting it as the non-transactional offering that it is. If they are weak from disuse, work your muscles of receiving as an act of self-love.


If your answers are yes—honestly yes?—then I gratefully receive your support.


Thank you for helping make this work possible.

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Intuitive healing, Reiki coach, spiritual healing, personal transformation, wellness coach

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