Discover a place
of safe harbor.


Intuitive Healing

I offer deep stillness and presence. I serve people who are high functioning despite the long shadow of their wounds and losses--people exhausted by their own resilience.  Higher levels of awareness and activation await you.

I am a mystic, an activator, a way shower.


Sessions are offered in person in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Who I serve


I sit with people who can no longer ignore a rising sense of urgency to discover why they are here.


I sit with those who wonder why they have stopped feeling.


I sit with those whose losses defy the limits of language, those barely breathing in their brokenness.


I sit with the disheartened, the anxious, the bewildered, the angry.


I sit with those who are seeking and those who have grown painfully cramped in the boxes they’ve built for themselves.


I sit with anyone who feels called to come, even if they don’t know why.

I offer the thing that exists almost nowhere else. Together we sit in the void, the place of no-thing. I will help you get there with just your gaze. I hold a place of peace and stillness for you, free of expectations and outside the illusory spell of our 3D world.


Here in the stillness is great spaciousness and room to breathe. The stillness is safe harbor. You will discover why you have come and begin to recognize the truths you have carefully hidden from yourself. From here, you begin your path of healing.


For those ready to confront their fears, wounds or losses, I sit with you in that darkness. As far as you are willing to walk into the depths of it, I walk with you, lighting the path to your self-transformation.


I follow where spirit leads. During our time together, I may invite you to join me in meditation. I may invite you to receive Reiki and other alternative healing modalities as I am guided. With your permission, my dogs may accompany you, too. They are their own medicine.

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What happens

Yoga at Home

How to prepare

Slow down.


Slash the time you spend absorbing media of all kinds in the day or two before our session. Avoid your phone except when you absolutely cannot, and let yourself sit quietly with yourself. If you meditate, know that meditation is the perfect preparation.


With the exception of any prescription medications, do not come under the influence of any substance.


On the day of our session, clear your calendar as much as possible before and especially after the session. You may feel a little lightheaded afterwards and need to lie down and rest when you get home. Don’t plan any activity afterwards that you find stressful or that requires you to be on your game. Be kind enough to yourself to allow the time and space to integrate your experience peacefully.


Silver Spring, Maryland

Sessions are offered in a private home in Silver Spring, Maryland, accessible by public transportation. The Glenmont Station (Red Line) is 2 ½ miles away, with several bus lines stopping within walking distance of my home.