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Landing in the Kitchen

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Last week I made coq au vin.

Friends were coming over, and it had been a long time since I had thrown myself into cooking. I dropped pearl onions into a bath of boiling water, then helped them shimmy out of their skin, shiny and perfect, ready to sauté with the carrot and shallot. Later I stirred in the thyme Jim harvested from the garden last fall. So much joy in one big skillet—a carnival for the senses. We danced in the kitchen as night fell and the chicken simmered in its wine sauce.

It took a long time to get here.

Over time, I'll share pieces of the story of how Nick, my beautiful son who transitioned to spirit two years and four months ago, lit the way.

Now I envision a world in which all people fully awaken to the presence of the Divine within themselves and all others. A place where all people know comfort and are free to heal and joyfully embody their highest potential in this lifetime. Through evolution of consciousness, we allow the Divine Mother to nurture the world through us and usher in an age of peace, love and abundance. Just in time to save our shared habitat.

If that sounds like a place you’d like to live, then I invite you to join me.

This offering is all about slowing down and remembering why we are here. I offer it with joy. Here’s to cultivating ease, connection, love, play, discovery, fulfillment and abundance!

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